package for closing open tags when `</` is typed, like in Sublime Text 3.
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</ Less Than-Slash

Build Status package for closing open tags when less-than, slash (</) is typed, like in Sublime Text 3.

Less Than Slash


apm install less-than-slash


Completion Mode

You can choose between Immediate Mode (default) to have tags closed seamlessly after you type </, or Suggest Mode, where less-than-slash acts as a smarter autocomplete-plus provider, suggesting the appropriate closing tag when you type </.

Empty Tags

You can specify a list of "Empty Tags" to be ignored from auto-closing. The default value for "Empty Tags" is:

!doctype, br, hr, img, input, link, meta, area, base, col, command, embed, keygen, param, source, track, wbr

The plugin will automatically ignore any of these self-closing tags. This is useful for frameworks like Angular.js, which allows the definition of custom elements.

Return cursor

Returns the cursor to the beginning of the closing tag so you can write both the opening and closing tags before writing code in between them. (disabled by default)


Please follow the guidelines for Contributing to Atom.