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Tutorial and Ableton Project info
LooperStateChange2OSC on Multiple Addresses.amxd
SceneDisplay TOSC iPhone.touchosc

Audiovisual Loops

About the research project

"Audiovisual Loops" is a research project at Dalarna University aimed at exploring the artistic posibilities of using live looping in music. Unlike many established live looping artists this project focuses on a whole ensemble making live loop based music together.

The basic tools for this has been Ableton Live, specifically the Looper plugin along with Behringer FCB 1010 foot controllers.

About the tools in this repository

The further the musicians creativity a number of tools needed to be created. The main focus of these tools is to enable all musicians in the ensemble to easily get a view into what's going on in the loop computer.

To achive this we have used Max for Live and Max's native abilities to use OSC coupled with the iOS (and Android) app TouchOSC from Hexler.

This repository contains the various tools as we develop them.

Added in 0.2

In version 0.2 a folder with tutorial material was added. There you'll find written instructions as well as Ableton Live projects.

Also in the tutorials is an FCB-file. This file is for the application iFCB which is used to more easily program the Behringer FCB1010.

Current version: 0.2 (2015-12-17)