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Ionic 3 Skeleton Loader component


After clone or download this project.

Install Ionic CLI

$ npm install -g ionic

Install dependencies

$ cd <project>
$ npm install

Run the app on Localhost

$ ionic serve

See more at Get started with Ionic


<skeleton-item> is the main block to build more complex skeleton-style loading screen


<skeleton-item height="50px" width="50px" rounded></skeleton-item>

You can add CSS classes or inline CSS as normal HTML element

<skeleton-item class="pin-image" height="50px" width="50px" rounded style="margin-bottom: 16px"></skeleton-item>

Available attributes

  • {height: string} can be px or %, default value is '16px'
  • {width: string} can be px or %, default value is '100%'
  • {radius: string} set border-radius, default value is '4px'
  • {rounded} set border-radius to 999em to make rounded block when the height and width have the same value
  • {no-animated} disable animation effect
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