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This is a template module setup with CI baked in. The purpose of this repo is to record my preferences and also to use as a base when developing module.

Key Features

  • All module source code is contained in a folder not in the root
  • InvokeBuild is used to create a single psm1 file and copy/update any other source files
  • PSScriptAnalyzer settings are stored in a seperate file for easy configuration
  • VSCode workspace settings are committed to keep contributers working in the same manner
  • appveyor.yml is used to automatically compile,analyze and test any commits (Logically AppVeyor would also deploy but this is just a template)

Key Benefits

  • Can be run locally or integrate with CI engines like AppVeyor or Bamboo (My Experience so far)
  • All source code is seperated for easy management
  • When deploying, ONLY the files that are required are used. End users dont need pester tests, build scripts and other source
  • By having all code in a single psm1 the module will load much faster (MUCH FASTER!)

Room for improvements

  • Using localised data for messages to seperate logic from text
  • Generating help xmls and about files
  • Format files
  • Deployment



You need only Invoke-Build. Build script assumes local and BuildNumber 0 for local testing


All settings are defined in appveyor.yml. AppVeyor will automatically increment the build number and pass this into the build script


Setup a powershell script task like below

Invoke-Build -CIEngine Bamboo -BuildNumber {bamboo.buildNumber}