A simple hello, world example with an embedded jBPM workflow
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Embedded jBPM Hello World Example

This is a hello, world-type example of how you could run jBPM in an embedded mode.

For a more detailed write up, see my post "How-to: An Embedded jBPM hello, world example."

There are tons of hello, world jBPM examples. I needed another one because I wanted one that was:

  • as simple as possible
  • actually interact with BPM process variables

Most the other examples I came across were too simplistic, too complicated, or basically didn't accomplish what I wanted.

What I wanted was something that fired up a BPM process based on a BPMN 2.0 model, pass the BPMN-described workflow some variables into its process variables, do some processing, and return a result in process variables.

Please let me know what you think.