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# mrBBIO Example Code
# By Matt Richardson, July 1, 2012
# Repeatedly reads if a button is pressed. when it's pressed, it will light
# an LED for one second and print the time (in ms) since the script was
# started.
# Circut:
# * An LED is connected to pin 12 on header P8.
# * A button is connected to pin 45 on header P8. Use a pull-down resistor
# (around 10K ohms) between pin 45 and ground. 3.3v for the other side of
# the button can be taken from pins 3 or 4 on header P9. Warning: Do not
# allow 5V to go into the GPIO pins.
# import the functions from the mrbbio module:
from mrbbio import *
def setup(): # this function will run once, on startup
pinMode("P8.12", OUTPUT) # set up pin 12 on header P8 as an output
pinMode("P8.45", INPUT) # set up pin 45 on header P8 as an input
def loop(): # this function will run repeatedly, until user hits CTRL+C
if (digitalRead("P8.45") == HIGH): # was the button pressed? (is 3.3v making it HIGH?) then do:
print "Button Pressed at: %d" % millis() # print to console, milliseconds since start up
digitalWrite("P8.12", HIGH) # set pin 12 high, illuminating the LED
delay(1000) # wait for 1 second
digitalWrite("P8.12", LOW) # set pin 12 low, turning the LED off
delay(10) # don't "peg" the processor checking pin
# the line below is required. It passes the functions above into a function that handles
# the overall setup/loop structure of the script. It also handles termination gracefully.
run(setup, loop)
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