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# You can tweak some oval definitions in order to track custom
# packages, or even to make the RHEL7 oval file to work on a
# CentOS system (as the example below does).
oval:com.redhat.rhsa:ste:20170372003: 0:3.10.0-514.2.2.el7
oval:com.redhat.rhsa:ste:20140675001: 24c6a8a7f4a80eb5
oval:com.redhat.rhsa:ste:20140675002: ^7
oval:com.redhat.rhsa:obj:20140675002: centos-release
oval:com.redhat.rhsa:ste:20170388003: 0:4.4.0-14.el7.centos.6
oval:com.redhat.rhsa:ste:20170001003: 0:4.4.0-14.el7.centos.1
oval:com.redhat.rhsa:ste:20170252005: 0:4.2.6p5-25.el7.centos.2
oval:com.redhat.rhsa:ste:20170906003: 0:2.4.6-45.el7.centos.4
# You can additionally manually upgrade or downgrade severity on
# specific errata in order to better match your environment.
RHSA-2016:2574: low
RHSA-2017:0933: moderate