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View all Django errors from right within the administration console.

Erroneous traps Django's in-built exception signal, captures the traceback . which would be the same beautiful exception page that Django displays when debugging is enabled . and saves it to the database so you can view it later.

It's quite similar to django-sentry from the folks at Disqus but a more lightweight, no-frills, error-logging system for Django. Credits to David Cramer over at Disqus for the initial django-db-log which is the work this is based upon.

If there's a feature that you're missing and you'd like added, please create an issue on the project page at Github or create the fix yourself and send me a pull request. Adding a few small features here and there are okay but this is in no way aimed to encompass all the functionality of a full-blown error-logging stack like Sentry.


  • A simple user interface for browsing error records in the database.


Start with Django 1.3 or higher; erroneous is intended for use with the new logging configuration first available in that version.

To install, simply run:

pip install django-erroneous


  1. Add erroneous to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.
  2. Run migrate to create the database tables, or if you're really logging to a second database and have disabled South migrations for erroneous, run syncdb.

There isn't much else than that to get it up and running.


  • support for logging to other sinks: message queues, non-relational databases.