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### Changes
##### v0.4.8
- Environment variable 'clink_profile' overrides Clink's profile path (#390).
- Load a clink_inputrc file from Clink's profile directory (fixes #406).
- Bug fixes;
- Redraw issues when prompts end in OSC ANSI codes (#387, #384).
- Fixed 'clink autorun --help' crash.
##### v0.4.7
- Bug fixes;
- Sometimes autorun tries to run clink.exe (#374).
- Autorun would cause cmd.exe to return an error if it wasn't interactive (#373).
##### v0.4.6
- HOME is only set if it is currently unset.
- Readline can be initialised with .inputrc and _inputrc files too (#258).
- Bug fixes;
- Executable completion;
- Paths from PATH were checked twice.
- Incorrect results were returned for words ending in '.' or '-'.
- Directories . and .. were incorrectly displayed.
- Fixed a crash if .bat script's stdout is redirected (#366).
- Occasional crash when injecting Clink (#351).
- Display errors;
- When editing near the window's right-hand edge (#347).
- Double display of multi-line prompts when resizing the terminal (#352).
- Very rare wrap artefacts when making the terminal window larger.
- Doskey emulation (#344).
- Improved 'clink autorun' help (#348).
- Fixed launching Clink when clink.bat is renamed (#357).
##### v0.4.5
- Improved 'clink autorun'. It now defaults to the Current User registry hive.
- 'clink set' gives more details for enumeration-type settings.
- Tab completion for p4vc.
- New settings 'history_expand_mode' to control history expansion in quotes (#317).
- Bug fixes;
- Use full width of the terminal (#337).
- Fixed MinGW compile error (#335).
- Autorun now defaults to the current user's hive (#332).
- Creating clink.html no longer needs Pandoc, plus it looks a bit better (#331).
- Added settings to control history expansion (#326).
- Correct fallback when 'use_altgr_substitute' is off (#325).
- Load history prior to saving it on shutdown (#318).
- Added Shift-Tab documentation and menu completion example (#190).
- Added shim for backwards menu completion (#190).
- Input handling now outputs '\e`Z' for Shift-Tab (#190).
- Updated Readme with current Premake info (#310).
- Guard against there being no buffer to read from (#304).
- Fixed artefacts when resizing conhost's buffer (#139).
- Clear remaining characters if scroll window was too small (#301)
- Escape % characters when expanding aliases (#280).
- Fixed leaking exception filters.
- Clearing the screen doesn't leave artefacts behind.
##### v0.4.4
- Completing .. behaves more like Bash (#277).
- Escape from yes/no question when Ctrl+C is pressed.
- Valid XP executables (#278, #289).
- Fixed n-th argument yank not working as expected (#254).
- Fixed prompt colours sometimes not working (#279, #286).
- Fixed '!0' causing Clink to crash.
- Save/restore cursor position in case Readline moves it.
##### v0.4.3
- Localised Y/N when auto-answering 'terminate?' prompt.
- $* would early out if there was no arguments.
- Disable ANSI code support if third party provides it.
- Installer can now set %CLINK_DIR% to install location.
- Improved output from 'clink set'.
- Support for Windows 10 Technical Preview.
- Ctrl-L now scrolls last line to the top of the window rather than clearing.
- New option to control how newline characters are pasted to the line.
- New options to control history;
- 'history_file_lines' - maximum lines saved to disk.
- 'history_ignore_space' - ignore lines prefixed with whitespace.
- 'history_dupe_mode' - how duplicate entries are handled.
- 'history_io' - load/save history from disk every line.
- Fixed nonfunctional numpad keys.
- Fixed missing WINCH signals if other processes resize the buffer.
- Support Alt codes sent from Conhost.
##### v0.4.2
- Prompt colouring no longer requires third party ANSI code utility.
- Override settings with environment variables prefixed with 'clink'.
- Ctrl-PgUp goes up a directory.
- Updated Go completions (by matrixik).
- Arguments to clink.arg.new_parser() now initialise parser's flags/args (from vladimir-kotikov).
- New clink.arg.add_flags() and clink.arg.add_arguments() functions.
- Removed footer and Alt-H tip for more succinct stdout output.
- Bug fixes;
- Windows XP works again.
- Fixed race condition in lua_execute().
##### v0.4.1
- Bug fixes;
- Various Unicode fixes causing corrupt environment variables.
- Fixed thread resume/suspend causing rare system-wide deadlock.
- Fixed incorrect translation of suffixed slash when completing flags.
- Add --nolog argument to disable file logging. Fix #187 Fix #154
- Added missing escape sequences from doskey emulation.
- Reinstated unix-kill-line key binding.
- Mapped PgUp/Down to search history using line typed so far.
- Added documentation covering escape codes for special keys.
- Added support for Windows' AltGr substitute Ctrl-Alt.
- Support for Readline's 'menu' style completion (see docs).
##### v0.4
- New features;
- Better 'clink.arg' API. Easier, more intuitive, and more powerful.
- Whitespace prefix skips exec matching.
- Added a 'set' verb to easily change settings from the command line.
- Basic support for a shells other than cmd.exe.
- Completion for Go (contributed by Dobroslaw Zybort).
- Setting 'exec_match_style' to -1 disables it entirely.
- Make history persistence optional.
- Alias/doskey completion.
- Very basic support for Powershell.
- View cmd.exe's autorun entry without needing admin rights.
- New key bindings;
- Ctrl-Alt-C : Copy command line to the clipboard.
- Ctrl-Alt-E : Expand environment variable under cursor.
- Ctrl-Alt-U : 'up directory' (formerly Shift-Up).
- Ctrl-U : Adds '..\' to the command line.
- Alt-H : Shows active keymap's key bindings.
- New Lua functions;
- clink.execute().
- clink.get_host_process().
- clink.match_files().
- clink.match_words().
- clink.get_console_aliases().
- Lots of bug fixes, including;
- Better command extraction.
- Fixed cmd.exe command paging and Ctrl-C/Ctrl-Break handling.
- Multiple locale fixes.
- Use localised text for 'Terminate batch job?' prompt.
##### v0.3
- Automatic answering of cmd.exe's 'Terminate batch script?' prompt.
- Coloured prompts (requires ANSICON or ConEmu).
- Added Shift-Up keyboard shortcut to automatically execute 'cd ..'
- Mapped Ctrl-Z to undo, Microsoft style.
- Improved integration of Readline;
- New input handling code (Ctrl-Alt combos now work).
- An implementation of the Termcap library.
- Fully functional Vi-mode support.
- Support for resizable consoles.
- Line wrapping now works correctly (issue 50).
- Adjustable executable match style (issue 65).
- Improved environment variable completion.
- Added settings file to customise Clink.
- New Lua features and functions;
- Matches can now be filtered in Lua before they are display.
- clink.quote_split().
- clink.arg.node_merge().
- clink.get_screen_info() (issue 71).
- clink.split() (for splitting strings).
- clink.chdir().
- clink.get_cwd().
- Functions to query Clink's settings.
- New command line options;
- '--profile <dir>' to override default profile directory.
- '--nohostcheck' disables verification that host is cmd.exe.
- '--pid' specifies the process to inject into.
- Update Mercurial completion (issue 73).
- Start menu shortcut starts in USERPROFILE, like cmd.exe
- Zip distribution is now portable.
##### v0.2.1
- The .history file now merges multiple sessions together.
- Fixed missing y/n, pause, and other prompts.
- Fixed segfault in loader executable.
- Better ConEmu compatibility.
##### v0.2
- Basic argument completion for 'git', 'hg', 'svn', and 'p4'.
- Traditional Bash clear screen ('Ctrl-L') and exit shortcuts ('Ctrl-D').
- Scrollable command window using 'PgUp'/'PgDown' keys.
- Doskey support.
- Automatic quoting of file names with spaces.
- Scriptable custom prompts.
- New argument framework to ease writing context-sensitive match generators.
- History and log file is now saved per-user rather than globally.
- Improved Clink's command line interface ('clink --help').
- More reliable handling of cmd.exe's autorun entry.
- General improvements to executable and directory-command completion.
- Symbolic link support.
- Documentation.
- Windows 8 support.
- Improved hooking so Clink can be shared with other thirdparty utilities that
also hook cmd.exe (ConEmu, ANSICon, etc.).
##### v0.1.1
- Fixed AltGr+<key> on international keyboards.
- Fixed broken completion when directories have a '-' in their name (Mark Hammond)
- The check for single match scenarios now correctly handles case-insensitivity.
##### v0.1
- Initial release.