CLI application to ease working with the pybuilder.
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What it does

When using the PyBuilder, every project needs to be initialized. After checking out the project, you need to

  • Create a virtual environment.
  • Activate the virtual environment.
  • Install the pybuilder in the virtual environment.
  • Install the project dependencies in the virtual environment.
  • Run pyb to build and test your project.

This program is an attempt at making these routine operations dead simple and time-efficient. Note that virtual environments are always created with the --clear flag, meaning you can run pyb-init to reset your virtual environment, for example after changing a dependency.


sudo pip install pyb_init

Checkout from GitHub

pyb-init github user : project

Git checkout

pyb-init git GIT_URL

SVN checkout

pyb-init svn SVN_URL

Initialization from local project

When in the project root, run

pyb-init local

Customization of the generated environment

You can override the default name of the virtualenv with


Also, you can include your systems's site-packages in the virtualenv (for OS-packaged bindings like YUM, etc..) with the flag



pyb_init is licensed under the terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want To public license.