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Buildout extension based on buidout.dumppicked versions. Sends the version data in json-format to predefined URL.
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This package is heavily inspired by buildout.dumppickedversions and its purpose is to gather the buildout information and send it as json data to a specified remote server.

Remote server can be anything that can handle json data, but there is already working server for that - Whiskers. Whiskers is developed hand in hand with buildout.sendpickedversions to store and display the data.


To use buildout.sendpickedversions with buildout your buildout.cfg should have buildout.sendpickedversions in you extensions-line and following fields configured:

This is the name of the buildout. Whiskers uses this information to create new buildout object with the package data. If buildout configuration doesn't contain buildoutname the script picks the folders name where buildout is located.
This is the url where data is sent after buildout has been run. If you leave this empty or don't set at all buildout.sendpickedversions just displays the data dict. In earlier versions of buildout.sendpickedversions this setting was called whiskers-url - this works until next major version (2.x).

To get most out of buildout.sendpickedversions above configuration should be in buildouts global configuration at $HOME/.buildout/default.cfg.


Here's small example configuration.

extensions = buildout.sendpickedversions
buildoutname = test
send-data-url = http://localhost:6543

parts = nose

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
eggs = nose

Above example configuration assumes you have Whiskers server running locally on port 6543. If you run buildout it will install nose normally to your buildout environment. After buildout has set up the environment buildout.sendpickedversions will try to send following json formatted data to the url specified in configuration:

{'buildout_config': {
    'allow-hosts': '*',
    'allow-picked-versions': 'true',
    'bin-directory': '/buildout/example/bin',
    'buildoutname': 'test',
    'develop-eggs-directory': '/buildout/folder/develop-eggs',
    'directory': '/buildout/folder',
    'download-cache': '/home/user/.buildout/download-cache',
    'eggs-directory': '/home/user/.buildout/eggs-directory',
    'executable': '/path/to/python',
    'extends-cache': '/home/user/.buildout/extends-cache',
    'extensions': 'buildout.sendpickedversions',
    'find-links': '',
    'install-from-cache': 'false',
    'installed': '/buildout/folder/.installed.cfg',
    'log-format': '',
    'log-level': 'INFO',
    'newest': 'false',
    'offline': 'false',
    'parts': 'nose',
    'parts-directory': '/buildout/folder/parts',
    'prefer-final': 'true',
    'python': 'buildout',
    'send-data-url': 'http://localhost:6543',
    'show-picked-versions': 'false',
    'socket-timeout': '',
    'update-versions-file': '',
    'use-dependency-links': 'true',
    'versions': 'versions'},
 'finished': '2013-03-20T11:06:42.900950',
 'hostname': 'latitude',
 'ipv4': '',
 'packages': {
     'Python': {'requirements': [], 'version': '2.7'},
     'argparse': {'requirements': [], 'version': '1.2.1'},
     'buildout.sendpickedversions': {'requirements': [{'name': 'setuptools'},
                                                      {'name': 'zc.buildout'}],
                                     'version': '1.0a1'},
     'distribute': {'requirements': [], 'version': '0.6.35'},
     'nose': {'requirements': [], 'version': '1.2.1'},
     'pip': {'requirements': [], 'version': '1.2.1'},
     'wsgiref': {'requirements': [], 'version': '0.1.2'},
     'zc.buildout': {'requirements': [{'name': 'setuptools'}],
                     'version': '2.0.1'},
     'zc.recipe.egg': {'requirements': [{'equation': '>=',
                                         'name': 'zc.buildout',
                                         'version': '1.2.0'},
                                        {'name': 'setuptools'}],
                       'version': '2.0.0a3'}},
 'pinned_versions': {'zc.buildout': '>=2.0.1', 'zc.recipe.egg': '>=2.0.0a3'},
 'started': '2013-03-20T11:06:42.279059',
 'versionmap': {
     'Python': '2.7',
     'argparse': '1.2.1',
     'buildout.sendpickedversions': '1.0a1',
     'distribute': '0.6.35',
     'nose': '1.2.1',
     'pip': '1.2.1',
     'wsgiref': '0.1.2',
     'zc.buildout': '2.0.1',
     'zc.recipe.egg': '2.0.0a3'}}


Code is mainly based to Mustapha Benali's buildout.dumppickedversions. This buildout extension has probably saved thousands of buildouts from nasty version conflicts or total havoc. Huge thanks!

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