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#Baseblog Kirby Theme

This theme is made to give you a nice and clean start to create a blog with Kirby. It allows you to setup your posts and pages quickly, so you can customize and just start blogging. Here are some built-in features of this theme in the current version:

  • categories
  • responsiveness
  • link posts
  • error page
  • RSS feed for articles
  • pagination for the article overview
  • static tweet button
  • prearranged blueprints for Kirby Panel usage

##Kirby? Kirby is a lightweight, flexible and file-based CMS made by Bastian Allgeier.

##How to install the theme After downloading the theme just remove the default assets, content and site folder and replace it with the downloaded ones. For optional interface usage you have to install the Kirby Panel.

##Docs If you want to learn more about Kirby, visit the Kirby Website and check out the docs!


This theme is free to use with your Kirby installation and licensed under the CC BY-SA License. If you wanna support me and the development of this theme, though, you can do this right here.

Please remember, that Kirby itself is not for free. If you use this theme for a public release, don't forget to buy a license for Kirby!


##Contact If you have any questions about the theme, contact me by email and on Twitter!


A nice & clean Basic Blog for Kirby



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