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Note on the project status!

This project is still here, and as far as I know the script still works. But as I don't use Kippt anymore at the very moment, I also don't use this script.

This Project is not actively maintained aynmore! Feel free to submit bugfixes/changes and I'll try to apply them - but I won't fix bugs or add features for now.

What's this all about?

I started playing around with which looks promising as a successor for the beloved which (since acquired by that big company) lost a lot of the power that I liked. And since I already had a to MySQL-Backup script in place, I thought something like that needs to be possible with, too.

And here we go: A rough first draft of a backup script - maybe a migration tool from to will follow.

Backing up all your bookmarks to MySQL:

How to do?

  1. Clone this repository

  2. Create a database with a table called "clips" (see database schema file in the cloned directory)

  3. Copy config.sample.php to config.php and enter your local database credentials together with your username and API-Token You can find your API-Token by visiting the following "page" with your browser while being logged in:

  4. Run the script : php -f kipptBackup.php


The following persons have supported the kippt-tools development:

Thanks for your contribution!


Please yes - just send it to and let's see what I can make out of it. Of course nice "thank you" mails are appreciated most :-) For other ideas on how to support me, just have a look at

Found a bug or want an additional feature?

Don't worry, just open an issue on GitHub or even better: Fix it and contribute it back to the project. You can fork the sourcecode from the Git repository and send me a pull request as soon as you've finished.


Licensed under the permissive MIT license - have fun with it!


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