OpenApi viewer Implemented using Vue
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An OpenAPI 3.0 and 2.0 Spec viewer with built in console



  • Supports Swagger V2.0 and OpenAPI 3.0
  • Supports searching of end-points (paths)
  • Built In console to try out APIs
  • Responsive (support for desktop and tablets)
  • Supports Authentication
    • OAuth2
    • API Key(Token)
    • HTTP Bearer
    • HTTP Basic
  • UX friendly.
    • All Endpoints paths are cleanly presented
    • Clear seperation of Request and Response info laid out side by side in a two colum layout
    • Lesser clicks to deal with. All schema models, response-jsons and examples are expanded by defaults which eliminates the need of click and reveal each level.
    • While using API console, request data is pre-filled based on schema
    • Needs just one click to try out live APIs

Project Build

yarn install
yarn run build 


EndPoint Listings


Laid out in a two colum for easy view & compare

Schema View

All Request/Response schema and Response JSONs are expanded by default, so that you dont have to click and reveal each level for easy browsing and read


Built in console, fields are pre-filled with values if exist in spec, request body is generated and filled based on schema, allowing you to quickly try out the end-point with a single click

Authentication Support

All the authentication methods are supported. Along with instructions on how to use it