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A NATS messaging source for Apache Flink Streaming
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nats-messaging-for-flink build status

NATS Messaging SourceFunctions and SinkFunctions for Apache Flink Streaming.

Version 0.4.2


  • Allows Apache Flink to receive a stream of string based messages from a NATS messaging topic.
  • Allows Apache Flink to send a stream of string based messages to a NATS messaging topic.
  • Tested on Flink v0.10.1 streaming and gnatsd Server v0.6.8
  • Uses an embedded copy of, which is a fork of, with some bug fixes.
  • Java 7 or 8 compatible. Not sure about Java 6.


  • Build it (with Maven)
  • Give an instance of NatsSource to your Flink StreamExecutionEnvironment, then Map and Filter the resulting DataStreamSource to your heart's content!


  • ~~~Add a NatsSink class, to send messages to a NATS topic from Flink jobs~~~
  • Add support for non-String message types

LICENSE: Apache 2.0 licensed.

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