Mimimal SDK to use the Duo Gamer Bluetooth controller
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Duo Gamer Tester.xcodeproj
Duo Gamer Tester


Duo Gamer SDK for iOS

Mimimal SDK to use the Duo Gamer Bluetooth controller on iOS

Quick test

  • Compile and install the DuoGamerTest command line tool
  • Start it and connect the Duo Gamer
  • After connection, it will print the controller state to the console

Use in your UIKit app

  • Add DuoGamerSDK.h and DuoGamerSDK.m to your project
  • Add the ExternalAccessory framework to your project
  • Add "com.discoverybaygames.v2" to the UISupportedExternalAccessoryProtocols array in your Info.plist
  • Implement the DuoGamerDelegate protocol
  • During startup, create an DuoGamer object and set its delegate
  • Process incoming state changes in the -handleState:(DuoGamerState*)state method


The Duo Gamer is an Made for iPhone device and periodically sends its state to the ExternalAccessory client. Each state packet consists of 11 bytes and contains framing information and a basic XOR checksum.

The packet looks like this: 0x5a 0xa5 0x04 RightPad LeftPad LeftX LeftY RightX RightY 0x00 CHECKSUM

  • RightPad: A=Down=0x01, B=Right=0x02, X=Left=0x04, Y=Up=0x08
  • LeftPad: R1 = 0x01, L1 = 0x02, Up=0x04, Right=0x08, Down=0x10, Left=0x20
  • LeftX, LeftY, RightX, RightY: Analog value from 0-255, 128 is neutral
  • Checksum: XOR over bytes 0x02-0a0x