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  • new tools: copy, squeeze, flatten, delta, zexpj, invert
  • show tool: option to use custom number formatting
  • poisson: option to specify random seed in poisson (David Smith)
  • threshold: hard threshold option
  • join: append mode
  • nufft: nudft option
  • nufft: randshift for nufft
  • pics: batch mode
  • pics: FT as sparsity transform
  • nrmse: auto_scale option
  • fmac tool: if only two args are specified then squash-and-sum
  • remove rsense tool
  • support for cmake (Hans Johnson)
  • rename vars.(sh|m) to startup.(sh|m)
  • more efficient Matlab interface (Tim Loderhose)
  • write BART version and command line into created files
  • change fftw to use 64-bit interface
  • phase out old wavelet2 code
  • library: phase cycling for nufft
  • library: support weights in toeplitz mode
  • library: fmac operator
  • library: cabs: complex magnitude
  • library: md_compare
  • library: thomas algorithm
  • library: inital spline code
  • many other bug fixes and enhancements