@uecker uecker released this Apr 9, 2018 · 209 commits to master since this release

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  • nlinv: add ENLIVE support (Christian Holme)
  • nlinv: add (hidden) option to specify coil weighting parameters (Christian Holme)
  • nlinv: option for different pattern for each coil (Christian Holme)
  • nlinv: sensitivity output also when using GPU (Christian Holme)
  • nlinv: add timing output (Christian Holme)
  • nlinv: add option for debug level (Christian Holme)
  • nlinv: add option to provide initialization (Christian Holme)
  • nlinv: make IRGNM reduction factor configurable (Christian Holme)
  • nufft: add nufft according to conventional definition
  • ecalib: add option to turn off phase rotation (Jonathan Tamir)
  • homodyne: add option for uncentered ffts (Jonathan Tamir)
  • bench: add benchmarks for fft, fftmod, md_fft
  • library: admm: add parameter selection by residual balancing (Jonathan Tamir)
  • library: add function to detect nontrivial strides
  • library: fix bug for gpu-mode of cdiag operator
  • library: irgnm: add callback (Christian Holme)
  • general: add script for memory-economic use of espirit
  • build: updates and fixes for CMake
  • build: build fixes on Mac OS X
  • many other bug fixes and improvements