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These scripts reproduce the experiments described in the article:

S. Rosenzweig, H.C.M. Holme, R.N. Wilke, D. Voit, J. Frahm and M. Uecker. Simultaneous Multi-Slice MRI using Cartesian and Radial FLASH and Regularized Nonlinear Inversion: SMS-NLINV. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 79:2057-2066 (2018) DOI: 10.1002/mrm.26878, arXiv:1705.04135

The algorithm was integrated into the Berkeley Advanced Reconstruction Toolbox (BART) [1].

In each folder the *.sh shell-scripts must be started. These scripts require BART [1]: The data can be viewed e.g. with 'view'[2] or be loaded into Matlab or Python using the wrappers provided in BART subdirectories './matlab' and './python'

Try in your browser:


If you need further help to run the scripts, I am happy to help you:

August 29, 2017 - Sebastian Rosenzweig

[1] [2]