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Embed Python in Java
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Jep - Java Embedded Python

Jep embeds CPython in Java through JNI and is safe to use in a heavily threaded environment.

Some benefits of embedding CPython in a JVM:

  • Using the native Python interpreter may be much faster than alternatives.
  • Python is mature, well supported, and well documented.
  • Access to high quality Python modules, both native CPython extensions and Python-based.
  • Compilers and assorted Python tools are as mature as the language.
  • Python is an interpreted language, enabling runtime customizations and plugins that do not require a compilation step.
  • Both Java and Python are cross platform, enabling deployment to different operating systems.


Jep is licensed zlib/libpng license to avoid linking issues.


Simply run pip install jep.


  • Python >= 2.6
  • Java >= 1.6
  • Numpy (optional) >= 1.5 (numpy >= 1.7 recommended)


Simply run python build. Building requires the JDK, Python, and optionally numpy to already be installed. The build will produce the jep jar, a test jar, a src jar, and the native library compiled for your platform.

Build support

Due to the variety of configurations of operating systems, Java versions, Python versions, and Numpy versions, we cannot test all configurations. The build has been tested on Linux, Windows, and OS X.


The OS X build requires Xcode. In recent versions of OS X, running the build will automatically prompt you to download Xcode if it is not found.


CPython extensions generally need to be built with the same compiler that built Python. That's usually MSVC. MSVC needs to be installed prior to building Jep, or you can attempt your own build with MinGW.

Installing from a build

Simply run python install after the build has successfully completed. The install will move the shared library to the appropriate location for Python libraries and create a jep script.

Running the tests

Simply run python test.

Running the jep script

The script will provide a jep or jep.bat script to make launching Jep easier. The jep script is very similar to running python from a terminal/command line. If run with an argument of a file path, it will run the script at that path. If run with no arguments, it will provide an interactive console that combines the Python language with access to Java classes on the classpath.

$ jep
>>> from java.lang import System
>>> System.out.println('hello, world')
hello, world

Running on *nix

Due to some (common) difficulties with Java and C projects that dlopen libraries, you may need to set LD_PRELOAD environment variable. That's in addition to setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH if you've installed libjep into a directory not cached by

See the contents of the installed jep script for an example how to do this. The script should have the correct values for your interpreter and virtualenv (if present).

Common Errors

If you see Unsatisfied Link Errors, that implies Java cannot find the shared library that you built for your platform. You can fix this by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH or the JVM argument java.library.path.

If you see fatal python errors when first using Jep, that implies the PATH, LD_PRELOAD, or LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables are incorrect or inconsistent. This is often seen if multiple versions of python are installed on a system.


For issues and source control, use github:

There's also a Sourceforge mailing list that is the best way to get support for Jep:

Note the project page and mailing list will be moving in the future. A wiki will be forthcoming. We will be consolidating as much as possible on github.


We welcome comments, contributions, bug reports, wiki documentation, etc. Please use the mailing list and/or github's tools.

Jep Team

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