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Contributing to Jep

Build issues

Testing the build of Jep on the variety of possible platforms and environments is difficult. It works well for Linux and OS X. Building on Windows poses unique challenges that have been documented on the Windows wiki page. If your environment has build problems please search for a solution and post your results to the mailing list so it is documented for others with a similar environment.

Reporting issues

Please only report issues that you believe are bugs or feature requests. Questions about Jep should be directed to the mailing list.

When reporting bugs please include the Python version, Java version, and operating system. It is also helpful if you can recreate or simulate the problem with a simple test with the Jep command line interpreter.

Contributing code

If you're fixing an issue and it's not a lot of code, just go ahead and create a pull request. Please include information about the fix on an issue, in the commit message, and/or in code comments.

New code submissions should be based on the latest dev_X.Y branch. The master branch is only updated after a release and will contain the latest release. New code will only be accepted on older dev_X.Y branches for stability fixes.

If you'd like to get more involved than just a fix here or there, then please send the current developers a message.