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belugasnooze pi client

A pi based wake up light sunrise alarm clock

The backend pi client that executes instructions from, powered by
See the frontend Vue & Typescript site source here

Built in Rust, using SQLite
See typescript branch for original, now not maintained, typescript version

Required Hardware

  1. Raspberry pi - designed for, tested, and fully working, a Raspberry pi zero w
  2. Pimoroni Blinkt! led strip

Required services

  1. staticPi - the simple and secure messaging service

Suggested software

  1. Docker - container runner

Suggested locations for directories required by belugasnooze

directory reason
~/belugasnooze/ Location of the node app
/ramdrive tmpfs ramdrive
# addition to /etc/fstab
ramdrive /ramdrive tmpfs defaults,noatime,size=128K     0       0

Files that are required by belugasnooze

file reason
./.env environmental variables
ip.addr ip address for private network
alarms.db database location

suggested crontab

@reboot ip addr show wlan0 | grep -Po 'inet \K[\d.]+' > /ramdrive/ip.addr
* * * * * ip addr show wlan0 | grep -Po 'inet \K[\d.]+' > /ramdrive/ip.addr

ip address gets updated every 5 minutes, so write to a ramdrive rather than causing repetitive, eventually damaging, writes to the pi's SD card


See releases

download (armv6 one-liner)

wget &&
tar xzvf belugasnooze_linux_armv6.tar.gz belugasnooze


use ./ in order to start, stop, or rebuild, the docker container - requires dialog to be installed on your system

Build step

Raspberry pi

requires docker & cross-rs

32bit pi (pi zero w)

Designed for, tested, fully working, and originally built for pi zero w, running Raspberry Pi OS 32 bit

cross build --target arm-unknown-linux-musleabihf --release

Untested on other platforms


Some test coverage, needs work

run all;

cargo test -- --test-threads=1 --nocapture

Watch for test that start some_prefix;

cargo watch -q -c -w src/ -x 'test some_prefix_ -- --test-threads=1 --nocapture'

Cargo watch

cargo watch -q -c -w src/ -x 'run'