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Basics of connecting to Kashoo's API
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- Martin Cleaver (just a Kashoo user)

A quick hacky set of shell scripts to test Kashoo's JSON/XML API
- see userid
- creates an APITOKEN file for you, from your user and password
- from your APITOKEN file, prints out your BUSINESS_ID
- YOU need to save this to a file called BUSINESS_ID
- calls the end point
- per
- see	      
- calls any endpoint, defaults to transfers
- see the REST list on

- defaults to
- because "If you use  instead of  
you should see the exact same behavior but we'll have the Apigee proxy to assist with debugging. 
Unfortunately they do not yet support private domain names on SSL but they're working on it so 
eventually it will be on all requests to  as well but this alternate entry point
gets us that functionality now. - Chuck Clark (Kashoo CTO)"

- I should have used a decent scripting language and a REST client (not curl)
-- is a candidate (as it uses curl, so commonly available, but hides idiosyncrasies
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