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Code for my SharpDX Tutorials at

Beginners Tutorial

The beginners tutorial describes the basics of SharpDX, starting with setting up a project in Visual Studio.

Part 1: Setting up a SharpDX project in Visual Studio 2013

In the first part we create the Visual Studio project, and adding the required NuGet packages. Read the full tutorial here:

Part 2: Creating a window

In the second tutorial we create a window which we will later render in. Read tutorial here:

Part 3: Initializing DirectX

In this tutorial we initialize DirectX. We set up the swap chain and a backbuffer to render to and finally clear the backbuffer into a nice blue color. Read tutorial here:

Part 4: Drawing a triangle

Finally time to draw something else than a blue screen. We draw a simple triangle from three vertices and add a simple vertex and pixel shader. Read tutorial here:

Part 5: Coloring the triangle

In this tutorial we will look at setting a specific color for each vertex. The tutorial is available here:

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