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AHLayout is a very simple NSTableView or TUITableView replacement.  It is built on top of the excellent TUIKit, the latest github fork at https://github.com/github/twui.

Download and run the example to see what it can do and how to use it.

It has an API that mimics TUITableView or UITableView fairly closely.  I call it AHLayout because it doesn't have a notion of cells or selection.  It simply lays out views.  I built my own custom selection navigation on top of it for my app and you can do the same pretty easily.  

I built AHLayout for an app I am building so it's used by me every day.  It was a bit of a stretch at first to build it but I am pretty proud of how solid it now is.  The highlight and the reason I use it over NSTableView or TUITableView is that this class can layout horizontally or vertically. 

Also, Like NSTableView it has built in support for insertion, removal, and resizing animations!  See the example for how that works.

It's no UICollectionView but it's a good alternative for the Mac if you need animated updates or a horizontal layouts.