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Mostly bug fix release. Highlights:

  • Inline model editing on the list page
  • FileAdmin refactoring and fixes
  • FileUploadField and ImageUploadField will work with Required() validator
  • Bug fixes



  • Bootstrap 3 support
  • WTForms 2.x support
  • Updated DateTime picker
  • SQLAlchemy backend: support for complex sortables, ability to search for related models, model inheritance support
  • Customizable URL generation logic for all views
  • New generic filter types: in list, empty, date range
  • Added the geoa contrib module, for working with geoalchemy2
  • Portugese translation
  • Lots of bug fixes



  • Cleaned up documentation, many thanks to Petrus Janse van Rensburg.
  • More flexible menu system, ability to add links to menus
  • Human-readable filter URLs
  • Callable filter options
  • EmailField filter
  • Simple accessibility fixes
  • InlineFormField now accepts widget_args and form_rules arguments
  • Support for newer wtforms versions
  • form_rules property that affects both create and edit forms
  • Lots of bugfixes


Full change log and feature walkthrough can be found here.


  • Python 3 support
  • AJAX-based foreign-key data loading for all backends
  • New, optional, rule-based form rendering engine
  • MongoEngine fixes and features: GridFS support, nested subdocument configuration and much more
  • Greatly improved and more configurable inline models
  • New WTForms fields and widgets
  • form_extra_columns allows adding custom columns to the form declaratively
  • Redis cli
  • SQLAlchemy backend can handle inherited models with multiple PKs
  • Lots of bug fixes