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Add an example on how to override form fields

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@@ -242,6 +242,21 @@ you can do something like this::
admin = Admin(app)
+Overriding form elements can be a bit trickier, but it is still possible. Here's an example of
+how to set up a form that includes a column named ``status`` that allows only predefined values and
+therefore should use a ``SelectField``::
+ from wtforms.fields import SelectField
+ class MyView(ModelView):
+ form_overrides = dict(status=SelectField)
+ form_args = dict(
+ # Pass the choices to the `SelectField`
+ status=dict(
+ choices=[(0, 'waiting'), (1, 'in_progress'), (2, 'finished')]
+ ))
It is relatively easy to add support for different database backends (Mongo, etc) by inheriting from :class:`~flask.ext.admin.model.BaseModelView`.
class and implementing database-related methods.

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