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Python 3 support #13

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Juhani Åhman Serge S. Koval Raffy Alexandr Emelin
Juhani Åhman
fzzy commented

Any plans for Python 3?
I tried using 2to3 for sockjs-tornado, but it didn't work with just that.

Serge S. Koval

Not yet, but I'll take a look what can be done. Should not be very hard, I hope.


I did some work to get python3 support in sockjs-tornado. Available at Wrote it as one codebase that works on python2.7 and 3.2, thus no need to run 2to3.

May not be perfect - the qunit tests through sockjs-client site mostly passed - had some problems with 'server close' tests, but was also seeing problems with that in 2.7 before I made my changes.

Serge S. Koval

There's pending pull request, thanks to Benoit. It makes sockjs-tornado Python 3 compatible without 2to3.


I will need to get python3 environment setup and run all tests to accept it, which I plan to do in nearest future.

Alexandr Emelin

any news here?

Serge S. Koval

Yep, support landed in current git head, as well as Tornado 3.0 support on both Python 2 and Python 3. Project is still compatible with Tornado 2.x.

I'm waiting for Tornado 3 to be released to publish new version on PyPI.

Alexandr Emelin

thank you so much

Serge S. Koval

And... drum roll... sockjs-tornado 1.0.0 hit PyPI.

Serge S. Koval mrjoes closed this
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