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from tornado.testing import AsyncHTTPTestCase
from tornado.web import RequestHandler, Application, asynchronous
from tornado.ioloop import IOLoop
from toredis import Client
import time
class Handler(RequestHandler):
def get(self):
self.client = Client()
self.client.subscribe("foo", callback=self.on_receive)
def on_receive(self, msg):
""" New message, close out connection. """
msg_type, msg_channel, msg = msg
if msg_type == b"message":
self.finish({"message": msg.decode()})
class TestRedis(AsyncHTTPTestCase):
def get_app(self):
return Application([(r"/", Handler)])
def get_new_ioloop(self):
return IOLoop.instance() # the default Client loop
def test_subscribe(self):
""" Tests a subscription message """
# conn = redis.Redis()
conn = Client()
def publish_message():
conn.publish("foo", "bar")
self.io_loop.add_timeout(time.time() + 0.5, publish_message)
response = self.fetch("/")
# blocks
self.assertEqual(response.code, 200)