HTTPError: HTTP 401: Unauthorized (Invalid session) #13

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@statico, line 66, raises this error if the XHR long-polling session expires.

Can you elaborate on this a bit more? How does this occur and why is the default 30 seconds? This seems to cause strange behavior on the client-side — how can my clients handle this gracefully?

Thanks :)


(Also, I'd like to add, other than this, TornadIO has been working flawlessly. Great job.)


Just in case, I can prevent it from throwing exception - some debugging message might work better.
Newer versions of (6.x branch) now understand that server does not want them with their session id and will attempt to reconnect to get new session id.


What would be the proper way to "hide" that exception? All the stack traces make the terminal output quite unreadable when restarting the server.

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