Tools for interacting with Arduino from Chrome(OS).
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Chrome/Arduino Tools

Directory Structure:

  • /buildservice - EXPERIMENTAL. Hosted sketch compilation service.
  • /deprecated - DEPRECATED. Old version of the Chrome extension for doing USB/Serial communication with the board. Replaced by new build system in extension. This will be deleted soon.
  • /extension - Current version of the Chrome extension.
    • /deploy - The actual extension to be packaged. The /js subdirectory is empty and must be populated by running "grunt"
    • /lib - Source files, not packaged directly into the extension
    • /test - Test files, not packaged into the extension at all
  • /sample-program - A simple program which can be built with ino for experimentation and testing.


This is a work in progress, and is often broken and always buggy and hard to understand. However, if you really want to install the extension, a compiled version exists at extension/extension.crx .

Build and Test

cd to /extension and run ./ and ./


This software is released under the terms of Mozilla Public License v2.0.