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After Sundown

"I hope you like nightmare worlds!"

After Sundown is a cooperative roleplaying game that explores the realm of horror. Players take on the roles of monsters out of horror movies or the humans who oppose them, while one of the players takes on the role of the MC - a combination referee, narrator, and roleplayer of last resort for antagonists and minor characters in the story.

Cooperative storytelling can be done without any products at all, as with collaborative writing or "Cops and Robbers". After Sundown provides an established world and story background along with conflict resolution in a set of mechanics to determine the results of actions with the help of six-sided dice. In this way, players of After Sundown can bypass many of the hangups of both collaborative fiction and Cops and Robbers: most notably the "I shot you/ No you did not" problem. It is hoped that the backstory and established characters of After Sundown will be sufficiently evocative as to give players of protagonists and MCs ample launching points for stories of their own.

The materials in this book are Public Domain (CC0). You can print copies, trade electronic copies with friends, modify the files, or produce derivative work.

  • The game was first published on The Gaming Den by Frank Trollman.
  • After that, there were at least three people that made a PDF of the game.
  • Lokathor assembled a MarkDown formatted version published to GitHub incorporating various small changes and errata.

This new edition, edited by MrJoshBear, has been created to comprehensively revise the entire game, including backwards-incompatible changes to characters, powers, and supernatural types, in addition to a complete edit incorporating various kinds of feedback about the game. We hope you enjoy it, or at least find something to bring to your next table.


The Second Edition of the After Sundown RPG







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