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Brief Template

1 Introduction

Deadline, contact information for person responsible for the project on client side.

2 Enterprise description

What services are provided by the client? What kind of products it offers? What is the business’ mission and values?

3 Users

For whom the webpage is developed? Describe user’s segments that will visit this webpage.

4 Website’s goals

Describe main goals Of the website and users actions critical to achieve them.

5 Website's structure

Point out sites and sub-menus for main menu as well as all the websites that have to be created.

6 Additional information

Choose additinal services and informations

  • Static website
  • Website which uses CMS
  • One language website
  • Multilanguage website
  • Hosting needed
  • Domain needed
  • CMS Training
  • Technical Support
  • Newsletter implementation
  • Mail accounts creation
  • Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimization Services

Visual Guide


Describe what kind Of colors palette you would like to use. Or add colors right away.


Describe what kind of font you'd like to use or paste a link to the font Of your choosing.


Paste a link to concurence website and describe what you like about them and what you don't like.


Describe additinal visual elements that you like, based on other websites. Provide a link and describe a websites - what you like and what you don't like