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<div id="headphones-search_dialog" class="dialog">
{% if search %}
<div class="close">x</div>
<h2>Search results: {{ query }}</h2>
<div class="inner">
<span class="loading"></span>
<table width="100%">
{% for artist in search %}
<td width="10%" align="center"><a class="add_artist" href="#" data-id="{{ }}" title="Add {{ artist.uniquename }} to Headphones">Add</a></td>
<td class="artist" width="80%"><a href="{{ artist.url }}" target="_blank" title="{{ artist.uniquename }} on MusicBrainz">{{ artist.uniquename }}</a></td>
<td width="10%" align="center">{{ artist.score }}</td>
{% endfor %}
{% endif %}
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