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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Util funtions for XBMC server settings."""
from import using_auth, get_setting_value
from maraschino.models import Module, Setting, XbmcServer
def server_settings():
"""Get settings for active XBMC server instance"""
# query all configured XBMC servers from the db
servers = XbmcServer.query.order_by(XbmcServer.position)
if servers.count() == 0:
return {
'hostname': None,
'port': None,
'username': None,
'password': None,
active_server = get_setting_value('active_server')
# if active server is not defined, set it
if not active_server:
active_server = Setting('active_server', servers.first().id)
server = servers.get(active_server)
logger.log('Could not retrieve active server, falling back on first entry' , 'WARNING')
server = servers.first()
return {
'hostname': server.hostname,
'port': server.port,
'username': server.username,
'password': server.password,
'mac_address': server.mac_address,
def server_username_password():
"""Convert username and password for active XBMC server to: username:password@"""
username_password = ''
server = server_settings()
if server['username'] != None:
username_password = server['username']
if server['password'] != None:
username_password += ':' + server['password']
username_password += '@'
return username_password
def server_address():
"""Get server address with username, password, hostname and port.
The format is as following: http://username:password@hostname:port
server = server_settings()
if not server['hostname'] and not server['port']:
return None
return 'http://%s%s:%s' % (server_username_password(), server['hostname'], server['port'])
def server_api_address():
"""Get address to json rpc api for active XBMC server"""
address = server_address()
if not address:
return None
return '%s/jsonrpc' % (address)
def safe_server_address():
if using_auth():
return server_address()
server = server_settings()
if not server['hostname'] and not server['port']:
return None
return 'http://%s:%s' % (server['hostname'], server['port'])
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