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from flask import Flask, jsonify, render_template, request
import os
from maraschino import app, RUNDIR, logger
from socket import *
from xbmc.xbmcclient import *
from import get_file_list
from maraschino.models import XbmcServer
@app.route('/xhr/xbmc_notify', methods=['post'])
def xhr_notify():
label = request.form['label']
hostname = request.form['hostname']
dir = os.path.join(RUNDIR, 'static', 'images', 'notifications')
icons = get_file_list(
folder = dir,
extensions = ['.png', '.jpg'],
prepend_path = False,
return render_template('xbmc_notify_dialog.html',
label = label,
hostname = hostname,
icons = icons,
@app.route('/xhr/xbmc_notify/send', methods=['post'])
def xhr_notify_message():
label = str(request.form['label'])
hostname = str(request.form['hostname'])
message = str(request.form['message'])
title = str(request.form['title'])
port = 9777
icon = os.path.join(RUNDIR, 'static', 'images', 'notifications', request.form['image'])
if title == "Title":
title = "Maraschino"
if not os.path.exists(icon):
icon = os.path.join(RUNDIR, 'static', 'images', 'maraschino_logo.png')
if icon[-3:] == "png":
icon_type = ICON_PNG
elif icon[-3:] == "jpg":
icon_type = ICON_JPEG
elif icon[-4:] == "jpeg":
icon_type = ICON_JPEG
elif icon[-3:] == "gif":
icon_type = ICON_GIF
icon_type = ICON_NONE
addr = (hostname, port)
sock = socket(AF_INET,SOCK_DGRAM)
logger.log('NOTIFY XBMC :: Sending message to %s' % label, 'INFO')
packet = PacketNOTIFICATION(title, message, icon_type, icon)
packet.send(sock, addr)
return jsonify({ 'status': 'successful'})
logger.log('NOTIFY XBMC :: Message failed to send', 'ERROR')
return jsonify({ 'error': 'Message failed to send'})
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