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{% extends "couchpotato-base.html" %}
{% block couchpotato_content %}
<div id="cp_settings">
{% for item in couchpotato['values']['core']%}
<li><span class="title">{{item|replace('_',' ')}}</span><input class="value" value="{{couchpotato['values']['core'][item]}}" type="{% if item == 'password' %}password{%else%}text{%endif%}" disabled="disabled" /></li>
{% endfor %}
<div class="powerholder">
<a class="button log" title ="CouchPotato logs">Log</a>
<a class="button restart" title ="Restart CouchPotato"><img src="{{ url_for('static', filename='images/reboot.png') }}" /></a>
<a class="button power" title ="Shutdown CouchPotato"><img src="{{ url_for('static', filename='images/shutdown.png') }}" /></a>
{% endblock %}
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