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<div id="add_edit_application_dialog" class="dialog">
<div class="close">x</div>
<h2>{% if application %}Edit{% else %}Add{% endif %} application</h2>
<form method="" action="">
{% if application %}
<input type="hidden" name="application_id" value="{{ }}">
{% endif %}
<div class="formrow">
<label for="id_application_name">Name (required)</label>
<input id="id_application_name" class="required" name="name" type="text"{% if application %} value="{{ }}"{% endif %}>
<div class="formrow">
<label for="id_application_url">URL (required)</label>
<input id="id_application_url" class="required" name="url" type="text"{% if application %} value="{{ application.url }}"{% endif %}>
<div class="formrow">
<label for="id_application_description">Description</label>
<input id="id_application_description" name="description" type="text"{% if application %} value="{{ application.description }}"{% endif %}>
<div class="formrow">
<label for="id_application_image">Icon file name</label>
{% if icons %}
<select id="id_application_image" name="image">
<option value=""{% if application.image == '' %} selected="selected"{% endif %}></option>
{% for icon in icons %}
<option value="{{ icon }}"{% if application.image == icon %} selected="selected"{% endif %}>{{ icon }}</option>
{% endfor %}
{% else %}
<input id="id_application_image" type="text" name="image" value="{{ application.image }}">
{% endif %}
<div class="formrow">
<label for="id_application_position">Position</label>
<input id="id_application_position" name="position" type="text"{% if application %} value="{{ application.position }}"{% endif %}>
<div class="choices">
<div class="save add_application">{% if application %}Save{% else %}Add{% endif %} application</div>
{% if application %}<div class="delete">Delete</div>{% endif %}
<div class="cancel">Cancel</div>
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