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Maraschino was created and is maintained by Bradley Abrahams:
* Bradley Abrahams <https://github.com/mrkipling>
An extra-special thanks to the following people for helping to manage the repository, and keeping the updates and bug-fixes coming:
* Gustavo Hoirisch <https://github.com/gugahoi>
* David Gray <https://github.com/N3MIS15>
And of course thank you to everyone else who has contributed:
* DejaVu <https://github.com/DejaVu>
* Anthony (antant) <https://github.com/antant>
* Mar2zz <https://github.com/Mar2zz>
* Mikie-Ghost <https://github.com/Mikie-Ghost>
* Shaolin <http://forum.xbmc.org/member.php?u=102325>
* Geoffrey Huntley <https://github.com/ghuntley>
* Nic Wolfe <https://github.com/midgetspy>
* robweber <https://github.com/robweber>
* tristans <https://github.com/tristans>
* Jacob Schoen <https://github.com/jkschoen>
...and fixed bugs:
* Antoine Bertin <https://github.com/Diaoul>