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Made the SB images use the API #96

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The regular images are behind auth, the API is not.

@mrkipling mrkipling merged commit 8e77889 into mrkipling:master

Thanks for this, have merged it in.

@midgetspy midgetspy deleted the midgetspy:sb_api_images branch
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Commits on Mar 15, 2012
  1. @midgetspy
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3  modules/
@@ -179,8 +179,7 @@ def history(limit):
# returns a link with the path to the required image from SB
def get_pic(tvdb, style='banner'):
- url = '%s:%s' %(get_setting_value('sickbeard_ip'), get_setting_value('sickbeard_port'))
- return 'http://%s/showPoster/?show=%s&which=%s' %(url, tvdb, style)
+ return '%s/?cmd=show.get%s&tvdbid=%s' % (sickbeard_url(), style, tvdb)
def get_episode_info(tvdbid, season, ep):
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