Library providing avy-powered popup menu for Emacs
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Avy Menu

License GPL 3 MELPA Build Status

The library provides avy-powered popup menu that allows to quickly choose from available options. This is used in (at least) the following packages:

You can use it directly for your custom needs as well.


Put it on your load-path and then add the following at the top of file where you would like to use the menu:

(require 'avy-menu)

Don't forget to include it in your list of dependencies if you are writing an Emacs Lisp package:

;; Package-Requires: ((emacs "24.5") (avy-menu "0.1"))

To install the package via MELPA, type M-x package-install avy-menu RET.


The single public function avy-menu provides all the functionality. See its description in source code or with built-in help system: C-h f avy-menu RET.


Use M-x customize-group avy-menu RET to change appearance of the menu.


Copyright © 2016–2018 Mark Karpov

Distributed under GNU GPL, version 3.