Typing game for Emacs similar to the tests on 10 fast fingers
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This is a typing game for Emacs. In this game, you type words that are picked randomly from N most frequent words in language you're practicing, until time is up (by default it's one minute). Typit is quite similar to the “10 fast fingers” tests, with the difference that it's playable and fully configurable inside your Emacs.

Typit typing


Download this package and place it somewhere, so Emacs can see it. Then put (require 'typit) into your configuration file. Done!

It's available via MELPA, so you can just M-x package-install RET typit RET.


Type M-x typit-basic-test RET and Typit window should appear (see the picture above). Timer will start when you start typing. When you are done, the following statistics will appear:

Typit results

If you're feeling like a master, you can try M-x typit-advanced-test RET which uses 1000 most common English words (typit-basic-test uses 200 most common ones). You can also call a more general typit-test with a numeric argument specifying how many words to use (note that default dictionary has 1000 words total at the moment).


There are some configuration parameters that allow you change things like:

  • Faces controlling appearance of various UI elements
  • Dictionary to use (e.g. this allows to switch between languages)
  • Location of dictionary directory (usually it's automatically detected)
  • Length of generated line of words (in characters)
  • Test duration in seconds

To access these, type M-x customize-group RET typit RET.


If you would like to improve the package, PR and issues are welcome. Also, it's OK to add dictionaries for other languages than English. To do so, you need to create a text file named your-language.txt and put it under the dict directory. That file should contain 1000 most common words from the language, a word per line. Please make sure that it uses Unix-style (that is, LF) end-of-line sequence and the file ends with a newline.

Once dictionary file is created, add it to the definition of typit-dict customization parameter in typit.el. To try the game with a new language added, change value of typit-dict accordingly via the customization interface, setq, or with let-binding, and then run one of the commands that start the game (typit-basic-test, typit-advanced-test, or typit-test).


Copyright © 2016–2018 Mark Karpov

Distributed under GNU GPL, version 3.