Vim-like text folding for Emacs
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Vimish Fold

License GPL 3 MELPA Build Status Coverage Status

Vimish Fold

This is a package to perform text folding like in Vim. It has the following features:

  • folding of active regions;

  • good visual feedback: it's obvious which part of text is folded;

  • persistence by default: when you kill a buffer your folds don't disappear;

  • persistence scales well, you can work on hundreds of files with lots of folds without adverse effects;

  • it does not break indentation;

  • folds can be toggled from folded state to unfolded and back very easily;

  • quick navigation between existing folds;

  • you can use mouse to unfold folds (good for beginners and not only for them);

  • for fans of the avy package: you can use avy to fold text with minimal number of key strokes!


If you would like to install the package manually, download or clone it and put on Emacs' load-path, then you can require it in your init file like this:

(require 'vimish-fold)

It's available via MELPA, so you can just M-x package-install RET vimish-fold RET.


First of all, create global key bindings for most important functions:

  • vimish-fold creates folds;
  • vimish-fold-delete deletes folds.

When point is inside of a fold you can toggle it with C-`, so usually you don't need to bind toggling functions.

Minimal code creating the keybindings might look like this:

(global-set-key (kbd "<menu> v f") #'vimish-fold)
(global-set-key (kbd "<menu> v v") #'vimish-fold-delete)

Of course you can choose different key bindings.

Other functions that constitute API of the package:

  • vimish-fold-unfold
  • vimish-fold-unfold-all
  • vimish-fold-refold
  • vimish-fold-refold-all
  • vimish-fold-delete-all
  • vimish-fold-toggle
  • vimish-fold-toggle-all
  • vimish-fold-avy (requires avy package)

To get persistent folds you need to enable a minor mode provided by the package. You can turn vimish-fold-mode selectively for modes where you want to have persistent folding, or simply activate it everywhere:

(vimish-fold-global-mode 1)


There are a number of customization options that are available via M-x customize-group vimish-fold. Everything is carefully documented, as always.


This work is based on Magnar Sveen's fold-this package to some extent, so I think I should include him as an author, thanks Magnar!

Copyright © 2015–2018 Mark Karpov
Copyright © 2012–2013 Magnar Sveen

Distributed under GNU GPL, version 3.