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WebLaminar - Mediawiki

Docker stack with NGINX, Mediawiki, and MariaDB.

Uses Mediawiki 1.29 binaries.

Docker compose cluster to get Mediawiki running with customizations, including collapsible menu and multi-file uploads. Uses NGINX instead of Apache for better performance and Alpine Linux for a smaller image.


  1. Install Docker on host if needed.
  2. Create directory and cd into it.
  3. git clone the repository.
  4. Edit stack.yml for db credentials.
  5. Run docker-compose -f stack.yml up
  6. Browse to http://localhost:7000
  7. Configure mediawiki
  • DBhost = db
  • document all choices for future reference.
  • download LocalSettings.php from configuration.
  1. Bring down the stack docker-compose -f stack.yml down
  2. List your container instances docker ps -a
  3. Remove the mediawiki container docker rm container_id
  4. Edit LocalSettings.php and add text from Settings.Addons to bottom of file.
  5. mv LocalSettings.php to conf directory
  6. mv Dockerfile Dockerfile.orig
  7. mv Dockerfile.Addon Dockerfile
  8. Run docker-compose -f stack.yml build
  9. Run docker-compose -f stack.yml up
  10. Browse to http://localhost:7000 and begin content creation. Enjoy!

Known issues

If you want to change the skin background images use the url http://localhost:7000/index.php?title=MediaWiki:Vector.css to change the css. Be sure to add images in the conf directory, edit the Dockerfile and rebuild.

    body {
    	background-color: #f3f3f3;
    	background-image: url(images/paper.gif); <== menu background

    #mw-page-base {
    	height: 5em;
    	background-color: white;
    	background-image: url(images/Cherry.jpg); <== header background
    	background-position: bottom left;
    	background-repeat: repeat-x;

http://localhost:7000/index.php?title=Special:MultiUpload is a link to the MultiUpload form. Comes in handy for images, etc.

Collapsible menus are enabled and editable with http://localhost:7000/index.php?title=Mediawiki:Sidebar&action=edit

Adminer database tool http://localhost:6080


Many thanks to Jesse Savary ( sirsavary/dockerfiles) to get the ball rolling.