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Plugin Information

Meta Box plugin provides an API to easily implement custom meta boxes in editing pages (add new/edit post) in WordPress. It works with custom post types and supports various field types.


  • Easily registers multiple custom meta boxes for posts, pages or custom post types
  • Has built-in hooks which allow you to change the appearance and behavior of meta boxes
  • Easily integrated with themes

Supported fields

  • checkbox_list
  • checkbox
  • color
  • date
  • datetime
  • file
  • hidden
  • image
  • map
  • number
  • password
  • plupload_image
  • radio
  • select
  • select_advanced (uses select2)
  • slider
  • taxonomy
  • text
  • textarea
  • thickbox_image
  • time
  • wysiwyg


  1. Unzip the download package
  2. Upload meta-box to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

To getting started with the plugin API, please read this tutorial.


See full list of angels!



  • Bug fix: path to Select2 JS and CSS. Link
  • Bug fix: taxonomy.js loading
  • Bug fix: saving in quick mode edit
  • Improvement: add before and after attributes to fields that can be used to display custom text
  • Improvement: add Arabic and Spanish languages
  • Improvement: add rwmb*_before_save_post and rwmb*_before_save_post actions before and after save post
  • Improvement: add autocomplete for geo location in map field, add fancy animation to drop marker
  • Improvemnet: add url field


  • Bug fix: clone date field. Link


  • Bug fix: time field doesn't work. Link
  • Bug fix: wrong JS call for datetime. Link
  • Improvement: file and images now not deleted from library, unless use force_delete option
  • Improvement: add select_advanced field, which uses select2 for better UX. Thanks @funkedgeek


  • Bug fix: not save wysiwyg field in full screen mode. Link
  • Bug fix: default value for select/checkbox_list. Link
  • Bug fix: duplicated append test to date picker
  • Bug fix: incorrect enqueue styles, issue #166
  • Improvement: initial new field type map


  • Bug fix: save only last element of select field with multiple values. Link
  • Improvement: add js_options attribute for date, datetime, time fields to adjust jQuery date/datetime picker options. See demo/demo.php for usage
  • Improvement: add options attribute for wysiwyg. You now can pass arguments same as for wp_editor function
  • Improvement: clone feature now works with checkbox_list and select with multiple values
  • Improvement: add rwmb-{$field_type}-wrapper class to field markup
  • Improvement: Add [rwmb_meta meta_key="..."] shortcode. Attributes are the same as rwmb_meta function.
  • Code refactored


  • Bug fix: helper function for getting taxonomy field type
  • Bug fix: multiple attribute for select field type


  • Allow helper functions can be used in admin area
  • Allow cloned fields to have a uniquely indexed name attribute
  • Add Swedish translation
  • Allow hidden field has its own value
  • Taxonomy field now supported by rwmb_meta function
  • Improvement in code format and field normalizing


  • Add helper function to retrieve meta values
  • Add basic validation (JS based)
  • Fix image reorder bug
  • Fix select_tree option for taxonomy field
  • Fix not showing loading image for 1st image using plupload


  • Add missed JS file for thickbox image


  • Quick fix for thickbox image


  • Quick fix for checkbox list and multiple/clonable fields


  • Taxonomy field is now in core
  • Add demo for including meta boxes for specific posts based on IDs or page templates
  • Meta box ID is now optional
  • Add thickbox_image field for uploading image with WP style
  • Fix guid for uploaded images


  • Fix taxonomy field


  • Support max_file_uploads for plupload_image
  • Better enqueue styles and scripts
  • Store images in correct order after re-order
  • Fix cloning color, date, time, datetime fields


  • Improve taxonomy field
  • Add filter to wp_editor
  • Add more options for time field
  • Improve plupload_image field
  • Fix translation, use string for textdomain


  • Fix translation
  • Change jQueryUI theme to 'smoothness'
  • Add more demos in the demo folder


  • Added jQuery UI slider field
  • Added new Plupload file uploader
  • Added new checkbox list
  • Fix empty jQuery UI div seen in FF in admin footer area
  • Fix style for 'side' meta box


  • Reformat code to make more readable
  • Fix bugs of checkbox field and date field


  • Change format_response() to ajax_response() and use WP_Ajax_Response class to control the ajax response
  • Use wp_editor() built-in with WP 3.3 (with fallback)


  • strongly refactor code
  • create/check better nonce for each meta box
  • use local JS/CSS libs instead of remote files for better control if conflict occurs
  • separate field functions (enqueue scripts and styles, add actions, show, save) into separated classes
  • use filters to let user change HTML of fields
  • use filters to validate/change field values instead of validation class
  • don't use Ajax on image upload as it's buggy and complicated. Revert to default upload


  • fix WYSIWYG field for custom post type without 'editor' support. Thanks Jamie, Eugene and Selin Online. link
  • change some helper function to static as they're shared between objects


  • fix code for getting script's url in Windows
  • make meta box id is optional


  • move js and css codes to separated files (rewrite js code for fields, too)
  • allow to add multiple images to image meta field with selection, modified from "Fast Insert Image" plugin
  • remove 'style' attibutes for fields as all CSS rules now can be put in the 'meta=box.css' file. All fields now has the class 'rw=$type', and table cells have class 'rwmb=label' and 'rwmb=field'
  • allow to use file uploader for images as well, regarding link
  • when delete uploaded images, they're not deleted from the server (in case you insert them from the media, not the uploader). Also remove hook to delete all attachments when delete post. Regarding link
  • change hook for adding meta box to 'add_meta_boxes', according Codex. Required WP 3.0+
  • fix image uploading when custom post type doesn't support "editor"
  • fix show many alerts when delete files, regarding link
  • fix js comma missing bug when implement multiple fields with same type
  • fix order of uploaded images, thank Onur
  • fix deleting new uploaded image
  • fix bug when save meta value = zero (0), regarding link
  • some minor changes such as = add 'id' attribute to fields, show uploaded images as thumbnail, add script to header of post.php and post=new.php only


  • use thickbox for image uploading, allow user edit title, caption or crop, rotate image (credit to Stewart Duffy, idea from Jaace http =//
  • allow to reorder uploaded images (credit to Kai)
  • save attach ID instead of url (credit to Stewart Duffy)
  • escape fields value (credit to Stewart Duffy)
  • add 'style' attribute to fields, allow user quick style fields (like height, width, etc.) (credit to Anders Larsson link)
  • wrap ajax callbacks into the class
  • fix jquery UI conflict (for time picker, color picker, contextual help)
  • fix notice error for checking post type


  • save uploaded images and files' urls in meta fields
  • fix date picker bug to not show saved value link
  • fix check_admin_referer for non=supported post types link
  • refactor code for showing fields


  • separate functions for checking, displaying and saving each type of field; allow developers easily extend the class
  • add 'checkbox_list' (credit to Jan Fabry link), 'color', 'date', 'time' types. The 'taxonomy' type is added as an example of extending class (credit to Manny Fresh link)
  • show uploaded files as well as allow to add/delete attached files
  • delete attached files when post is deleted (credit to Kai link)
  • validation function MUST return the value instead of true, false
  • change the way of definition 'radio', 'select' field type to make it more simpler, allow multiple selection of select box
  • improved some codes, fix code to not show warnings when in debugging mode


  • fix bug of not receiving value for select box


  • (image upload features are credit to Kai link)
  • change image upload using meta fields to using default WP gallery
  • add delete button for images, using ajax
  • allow to upload multiple images
  • add validation for meta fields


  • add wysiwyg editor type, improve check for upload fields, change context and priority attributes to optional


  • add enctype to post form (fix upload bug), thanks to link


  • add file upload, image upload support


  • oop code, support multiple post types, multiple meta boxes


  • procedural code