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Rapid XAML Toolkit

Build status License: MIT Works with Visual Studio 2019 AppVeyor tests

This is a collection of tools for making it easier for developers to work with XAML (UWP, WPF, Xamarin.Forms, WinUI3, and .NET MAUI). These tools include

  • Get in-editor analysis of your XAML to find and fix issues faster.
  • Generate XAML from your ViewModels.
  • Enhance the editor window.
  • Roslyn Analyzers (to help with code related to MVVM and XAML)
  • Project & Item Templates (to create new apps faster)

Get it from the VS Marketplace

XAML Analysis

Like Roslyn Analyzers but for XAML. Identify potential issues and use the Suggested Actions to make fixes.

Screenshot showing some of the issues analysis can find

You can also create your own Custom Analyzers and run the analysis as part of a Build/CI process with this NuGet package.

Learn more about features.

XAML Generation

Turn your ViewModels into XAML with a couple of clicks or a drag of the mouse.

Animation showing XAML generated from a ViewModel

The generated XAML is based on common conventions but is highly configurable.

Principles guiding this project

  • Developers using XAML deserve the best tools possible.
  • Doing something is better than doing nothing.
  • Everything that is output should be configurable.
  • C# and VB.NET are supported equally.
  • The toolkit won't do things that Visual Studio can already do. (Without very good reason.)
  • The toolkit can't generate the final XAML as every app requires unique customization.
  • This toolkit is focused specifically on tooling for working with XAML. It will not include controls, etc.


Please see the getting started guide.


Please see the contribution guide.


The Rapid XAML Toolkit (RXT) was started as a sister project to Windows Template Studio (WinTS).
It was oringinally created in partnership with Microsoft (that's why redirects here) but is now primarily cared for by Matt Lacey.


A collection of tools to accelerate XAML development within Visual Studio. These include XAML analysis, XAML generations, plus templates and helpers.




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