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Add BaseUrlOverride CherryPy tool

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mrled committed Apr 25, 2017
1 parent a767ef2 commit 12c334833addf511261c6acfa69fd49ec315e914
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@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@

versionfile = os.path.join(scriptdir, 'deploymentinfo.txt') = cherrypy.Tool('on_start_resource', util.MakoLoader()) = util.BaseUrlOverride()
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

@@ -202,6 +203,19 @@ def configure():
if not configuration:
raise Exception("No configuration file was found")

# Configure environment variable override

if "BIBLEMUNGER_DEBUG" in os.environ.keys():
if os.environ['BIBLEMUNGER_DEBUG'] in ['1', 'true', 'True', 'TRUE']:
configuration['debug'] = True

if "baseurloverride" not in configuration.keys():
configuration['baseurloverride'] = None
if "BIBLEMUNGER_BASEURL_OVERRIDE" in os.environ.keys():
configuration['baseurloverride'] = os.environ["BIBLEMUNGER_BASEURL_OVERRIDE"]

# Normalize configuration so it can be used easily in the application

def ensureabs(path):
return path if os.path.isabs(path) else os.path.join(scriptdir, path)

@@ -272,7 +286,9 @@ def application(environ=None,
'/': {
'tools.mako.directories': os.path.join(scriptdir, 'temple'),
'tools.mako.debug': configuration['debug'],
'tools.staticdir.root': scriptdir},
'tools.staticdir.root': scriptdir,
'tools.baseurloverride.baseurl': configuration['baseurloverride'],
'tools.baseurloverride.on': True},
'/static': {
'tools.staticdir.on': True,
'tools.staticdir.dir': 'static'},
@@ -15,6 +15,28 @@
scriptdir = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))

class BaseUrlOverride(cherrypy.Tool):
"""Override the base URL
When running behind a reverse proxy, the path of the proxy may differ from that of the CherryPy application. For instance, CherryPy may think it's running on http://localhost:8187/, but the reverse proxy makes it available as In that scenario, URLs generated by CherryPy in HTTP redirects, or in HTML, will be localhost URLs, and the reverse proxy will have to rewrite the HTML and/or HTTP headers by parsing the content and doing a regex replace on the URLs - not ideal from a speed or security perspective.
Instead, you can use this tool to tell CherryPy to use a different base URL like so: = util.BaseUrlOverride()
cherrypy.tree.mount(server, '/', {
'/': {
'tools.baseurloverride.baseurl': '',
'tools.baseurloverride.on': True}})

def __init__(self):
cherrypy.Tool.__init__(self, 'before_request_body', self.setbaseurl, priority=10)

def setbaseurl(self, baseurl=None):
if baseurl:
cherrypy.request.base = baseurl

class MakoHandler(cherrypy.dispatch.LateParamPageHandler):
"""Callable which sets response.body

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