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Role Name

An Ansible role to install/configure BRO-IDS



Role Variables

# defaults file for ansible-bro-ids
bro_ids_criticalstack_intel_deb_repo_key: '{{ bro_ids_criticalstack_intel_url }}/gpgkey'

bro_ids_criticalstack_intel_url: ''

  - 'bro'
  - 'broctl'

  - 'apt-transport-https'
  - 'bison'
  - 'ca-certificates'
  - 'cmake'
  - 'curl'
  - 'debian-archive-keyring'
  - 'flex'
  - 'g++'
  - 'gcc'
  - 'libgeoip-dev'
  - 'libpcap-dev'
  - 'libssl-dev'
  - 'make'
  - 'python-dev'
  - 'swig'
  - 'zlib1g-dev'

bro_ids_install_criticalstack: true

bro_ids_listen_interface: 'enp0s3'

# Location of other configuration files that can be used to customize
# BroControl operation (e.g. local networks, nodes).
bro_ids_broctl_cfg_dir: '/etc/bro'

# Location of the log directory where log files will be archived each rotation
# interval.
bro_ids_broctl_log_dir: '/var/log/bro'

# Expiration interval for log files in LogDir. Files older than this many days
# will be deleted upon running "broctl cron".  A value of 0 means that logs
# never expire.
bro_ids_broctl_log_expire_interval: 0

# Rotation interval in seconds for log files on manager (or standalone) node.
# A value of 0 disables log rotation.
bro_ids_broctl_log_rotation_interval: 3600

# Mail connection summary reports each log rotation interval.  A value of 1
# means mail connection summaries, and a value of 0 means do not mail
# connection summaries
bro_ids_broctl_mail_connection_summary: 1

# Send mail when "broctl cron" notices the availability of a host in the
# cluster to have changed.  A value of 1 means send mail when a host status
# changes, and a value of 0 means do not send mail.
bro_ids_broctl_mail_host_up_down: 1

# Recipient address for all emails sent out by Bro and BroControl.
bro_ids_broctl_mailto: 'root@localhost'

# Lower threshold (in percentage of disk space) for space available on the
# disk that holds SpoolDir. If less space is available, "broctl cron" starts
# sending out warning emails.  A value of 0 disables this feature.
bro_ids_broctl_min_disk_space: 5

# Site-specific policy script to load. Bro will look for this in
# $PREFIX/share/bro/site. A default local.bro comes preinstalled
# and can be customized as desired.
bro_ids_broctl_site_policy_standalone: 'local.bro'

# Location of the spool directory where files and data that are currently being
# written are stored.
bro_ids_broctl_spool_dir: '/var/spool/bro'

# Enable BroControl to write statistics to the stats.log file.  A value of 1
# means write to stats.log, and a value of 0 means do not write to stats.log.
bro_ids_broctl_stats_log_enable: 1

# Number of days that entries in the stats.log file are kept.  Entries older
# than this many days will be removed upon running "broctl cron".  A value of 0
# means that entries never expire.
bro_ids_broctl_stats_log_expire_interval: 0

# Show all output of the broctl status command.  If set to 1, then all output
# is shown.  If set to 0, then broctl status will not collect or show the peer
# information (and the command will run faster).
bro_ids_broctl_status_cmd_show_all: 1


bro_ids_type: 'standalone'



Example Playbook

- hosts: bro_ids
    - role: ansible-bro-ids



Author Information

Larry Smith Jr.