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This repo will contain some of my templates and other goodies
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** SNMP Informant Standard Metrics for Windows Devices **
Created by @mrlesmithjr


I looked all over out here to try and find some Windows templates that I liked and none of them seemed to get me where I wanted to go. So I created all of these. Feel free to contact me if you have any issues.

For more information visit


1) Install snmp informant std. 1.6 on your windows device.
2) Drop the snmp_informant_standard_*.xml files into your \cacti\resource\snmp_queries directory on your cacti box.
3) Import the cacti_host_template_windows_host_-_snmp_informant.xml
4) Add a windows device and select Windows Host - SNMP Informant as device type

02/12/2014 - Added GPL v2 Licensing
08/16/2013 - v14 Release - Updated templates to latest Cacti build 0.8.8b
04/04/2013 - v13 Release - Uploaded to github
09/28/2012 - v13 Release - Added host template which will create new host template and all related graph templates and data query templates
12/04/2011 - v12 Release - Removed Data Query - SNMP - Informant CPU Statistics - cpuAPCBypassesPerSe and cpuDPCBypassesPerSe (Are not working)
			- Removed cpuAPCBypassesPerSe and cpuDPCBypassesPerSe from CPU Statistics Graphs
12/03/2011 - v11 Release 
			- Changed graph width to 700 on each graph template
			- Removed duplicate AvgDiskSecPerRead from Graph template - SNMP_Informant_Standard - Disk Statistics (Metrics)
			- Data Query - SNMP - Informant CPU Statistics - Added cpuAPCBypassesPerSe and cpuDPCBypassesPerSe
			- Added cpu APC Bypasses/Sec and cpu DPC Bypasses/Sec to CPU Statistics - You will have to remove the graphs and rrd files from previous versions and start collecting on these new
			- Graph template - SNMP_Informant_Standard - CPU Statistics - Removed Threshold
12/02/2011 - v10 Release - Exported from 0.8.7 g - renamed queries, file, etc to follow cacti naming standards
01/16/2010 - v9 Release - The network IO graph was showing as MB/s....the actual numbers were reported as Mb/ now it is correct as both report as MB/s
08/25/2009 - v8 Release - exported from 0.8.7 e
04/30/2009 - v7 Release
04/15/2009 - v6 Release
04/06/2009 - v5 Release - exported from 0.8.7 d
11/12/2008 - Initial Release

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