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Hammerspoon VCL scripts

script that interprets vordio change lists (.vcl) files & applies the changes in the list to various DAWs by sending keystrokes to the DAW.

Currently supported DAWs are Protools, Studio One, Digital Performer & Logic Pro X


Requires Hammerspoon app

Requires a VCL file produced by Vordio app

Load the init.lua file as a configuration file for hammerspooon.

DAW configuration


NOTE: All positioning is done via timecodes, so project positioning must be set to use frames at correct frame rate
Some DAWs require some extra custom key mappings

Key bindings:

Protools - default keys only
StudioOne - default keys only
Digital Performer - default keys only

Logic Pro X - Map the following keys to actions
	cmd-shift-c -> "Copy section between locators (Global)"
	cmd-shift-[ -> "Set Left Locator Numerically"
	shift-/ 	-> "Go to Position"